Warp & Weft related re-sources

These re-sources are a work in progress and welcome being collectively shaped. Please send any relevant resources to be added. More coming soon!

Embodied Practices; some movement, meditations and self-touch practices for connection, grounding, release, relaxation and centring, with some video and audio links.

Plant Medicine; information about plant medicine as support for psycho-emotional health, a look at preparations, nervine herbs and entheogens, and notes on doing a group herb study for building collective knowledge.

Food & Nutrition; information about bodypositivity, anti-diet, food and nutrition for psycho-emotional health, food journals to check for food intolerances; intuitive eating and food politics.

Psycho-emotional Health & Social Justice; resources for support in immediate crisis or need; links to ideas and networks for solidarity & support, also UK based councelling and therapy resources; links also to psycho-emotional health & social justice, radical ‘mental health’ and ways we might respond to and heal trauma.